Free Downloadable Calendar – August 2018

Display fine art in a variety of ways, such as via our free downloadable calendar!

What can we say, we just love to see you enjoying the beauty of nature via our artwork.

But did you know that having these fine art calendar pages printed and placed on your desktop or on display isn’t the only way to enjoy and use them. Have you considered making it your screensaver or a background on your computer?

Who wouldn’t love seeing August’s calendar page with it’s gorgeous relaxing beach for the rest of the warm weather left in summer?

This piece is accurately titled Dream Spot and leaves us imagining that cool summer breezes in a hammock could last forever.

Enjoy your free downloadable August calendar:


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By the way,  most of these prints are unique because while they aren’t currently available in-shop, this is the one way you can enjoy these exclusive art prints. This particular print however IS available in shop! So if you would love to enjoy this in a larger size and not in a calendar format, you can find this print here.


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