What I Do & Love

  • Fine Arts

    My paintings express what inspires and intrigues me in the natural world.
  • Illustration

    I turn imagined concepts into visual art used in movies, books, advertisements & products.
  • Art Direction

    I bring together teams of talented people & keep creativity flowing.
  • Concept Art

    I use digital and traditional mediums to help others fulfill their artistic vision.
  • Desire to create art for enjoyment

    is a big part of who I am, and has given me a voice in good times and difficult ones. My story is evidence that the odds can be overcome by staying true to your inner calling.

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  • The Water Series

    Inspired by natural water settings, from peaceful streams to stunning waterfalls.
  • California Landscapes

    Linger in the local sunshine with these paintings of well-loved California destinations.
  • Moments in Nature

    For all who have ever wandered a forest, a field, a garden - and got lost in the beauty of nature.

Fine Art with a story to tell

The movie industry taught me how to set a scene for adventure and emotion, and in my paintings I want to evoke that same sense of a story ready to unfold.

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    Boost your interior style game with these top picks featured by home decor blogger Ursula of Home Made By Carmona.

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Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Fox Animation, Film Roman & Thomas Kinkade Co.

  • Donald and I are old friends and he's one of the best artists in the Animation industry. His work on Little Mermaid was excellent. Also he's an excellent illustrator and art director.

    Lenord RobinsonStoryboard Artist, Animator, Director
  • Donald Towns is a truly rare artist in today’s world. We worked together at Disney Feature Animation for over ten years as traditional background painters. With his talent, Donald rose from one of the team to Background Stylist and Department Head on the seminal Disney film, The Little Mermaid.

    Brian SebernDigital Artist
  • He is an amazing artist, an incredible painter, and a fair and ethical person of integrity. . . Then there was his artwork that astounds with his skill as a painter using staging and dramatic lighting to perfection and someone who knows how to surprise with his use of color.

    Donna PrinceBackground Painter
  • Donald Towns is one of the top professionals that I have ever had the good fortune to know and work with. . . he always delivers excellent work without fail. Donald is someone that I can count on to deliver top notch artwork and is always very pleasant to work with. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

    Mike InmanBackground Painter, Warner Bros Animation
  • Donald has extensive knowledge and experience manipulating light and color through the painted medium, having produced decades worth of rendered environments and color concepts for multiple projects within the animation industry. I worked with Donald while at Disney and admire his unrelenting drive for excellence and thoroughness.

    Hendel ButoyAnimation Professor, Southern Adventist University

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