Depicting The Moment, Plein Air Show


Hi all you art lovers out there. I’ve been so busy the last few weeks. I have an art show coming up, therefore my focus has been on getting everything framed and ready for it. So, no demo this week, but I thought it would be interesting for you to see some of what I’m doing for the show. “Depicting The Moment” is my show title. The concept is me capturing beautiful subject matter as I do my plein air paintings. Check these out, you may remember some of these pieces.

These are original pieces done from demos that I completed as finished painting and plein air painting, meaning they were painted outdoors in natural light, on location.

This one to the left is a plein air piece “Chavez National Center,” painted in oils. The one on the right was from the demo “Artist Technique For Painting a Tree.” It was gouache on Illustration board, which I completed later into a final painting and named it “Standing Stately.”

This plein air oil painting on the left was done at the garden of Errea House, a historical museum in Tehachapi, California. I named it “Post of Sorts” because of the bird house being on a post and the bed frame headboard post in the piece. The right side plein air oil painting was done at Malibu Creek State Park, named “The Hikers Way.”

The left is an in-studio oils named “An Oak Or Two,” painted as if I were outdoors. Meaning I gave myself no more than four hours to complete the painting. The right is “Training Ground.”
A plein air oil painted at the Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. It houses old historical style trains for viewing.

Next is a plein air piece, on the left, which is gouache on illustration board. It was done at the Errea House Museum in Tehachapi and named “Garden Delight.” To the right is an acrylics on illustration board plein air painting done out back of my studio. Therefore named “Behind The Studio.”

Another Malibu Creek plein air oils piece, on the left, named “Almost There” -thinking from a hikers point of view, seeing that last hill he’s about to conquer. To the right is a plein air gouache on illustration board called “Trellis Beauty,” done at Centennial Park in downtown Tehachapi.

If you’ve seen my video “Artist Technique Depicting Tree Bark,” this is familiar to you. It was a gouache on illustration board demo that I turned into a finished painting for hanging.

As you can see, I enjoy going between gouache, acrylics, and oils, as a way to keep sharp on the variations of these mediums. Ever learning, hopefully improving.

These are the ones I’ve completed framing at the moment. I have a few left to do. Plus, we’ll make available framed and unframed prints from our online store. Soon we’ll post when and where the show will be. Be sure to check our Facebook Page for updates. I’ll have a demo for you the next time!

Happy painting.