The Big Blowup – Hot Air Balloon


“Big Blowup” Colorful folds of Material billowing out as hot air is pumped inside. Basket lying on its side ready to become a vessel as this Hot Air Balloon take shape and gracefully ascents to the sky.




It’s fascinating to watch the folds of material, laying on the ground, rise into beautiful patchworks of design and color by hot air filling its form. “The Big Blowup” inspires me with the potential of humanity when the Spirit of God fills us, and we too become beautiful patchworks of vibrant colors lovingly designed in God’s image.

This painting is one in the series Taking Flight, in which I reproduce the most captivating and inspiring scenes from the Bear Valley Springs Hot Air Balloon Festival in Tehachapi, CA.

Unframed and Framed sizes:

Unframed 8 x 10; Framed 12 x 14

Unframed 11 x 14; Framed 15 x 18

Unframed 16 x 20; Framed 20 x 24

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8×10 in, 11×14 in, 16×20 in


No Frame, Black