Flighting the Brush – Hot Air Balloon



The adventures of a hot air balloon pilot! Where will the winds take him? And what is the greatest adventure yet?

Man’s life fades like the grass. But not to be the end of the adventure, “Flighting The Brush” represents that day when we are raised and will pass by this experience to an even greater adventure, an eternal one.

This painting is one in the series Taking Flight, in which I reproduced the most captivating and inspiring scenes from the Bear Valley Springs Hot Air Balloon Festival in Tehachapi, CA.

Unframed and Framed sizes:

Unframed 8 x 10; Framed 12 x 14

Unframed 11 x 14; Framed 15 x 18

Unframed 16 x 20; Framed 20 x 24

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8×10 in, 11×14 in, 16×20 in


No Frame, Black