Flight Design – Hot Air Balloons




I love the colors and design elements that hot air balloons bring to the picture, providing a endless source of scenes to photograph and paint. This scene shows the balloon’s design slowly being revealed, as the vessel of flight expands upwards. “Flight Design” reminds us to become vessels of the Son of Righteousness, and be filled with the warmth of His love.

This painting is one in the series Taking Flight, in which I reproduce the most captivating and inspiring scenes from the Bear Valley Springs Hot Air Balloon Festival in Tehachapi, CA.

Want to buy this item framed? Select the framed print option. It comes with a 100% real wood frame with a matte enamel finish and are protected by shatter-proof plexi glass with UV coating.

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8×10 in, 11×14 in, 16×20 in


No Frame, Black